Monday, December 13, 2010


I have been working as an illustrator now for 27 years. I have done a few books, more than 20 I suppose, hundreds of cards, many magazine illustrations and quite a few paintings. And the past week I have had the most glorious fun stretching my mind and working on clay instead of paper, with shapes instead of flat, with fire instead of water and it is like breathing fresh clear air again.
Adam came over yesterday and we talked about where to go with working together. He came up with the most wonderful and perfect of ideas that combines all aspects of both of our work and now I can't wait to begin. If it works it will be something very different. To make it work we have to take time, to think, to make, to dry, to paint to fire.
He has images of the mugs I left with him over on his blog and he is much better at photographing ceramics that me! 
Also on Adam's website a film of him making a moonjar. Great music too.
Meanwhile I have a book to finish, a deadline approaching at a sickeningly fast speed and somewhere in the middle of it all a thing called Christmas.


  1. All very interesting, Jackie. To stretch, to meet the challenge...we all need this. Some of us flounder. Some of us find new paths.
    You will do it well.

    Have a happy Christmas. I'm off to spend a few weeks with a handsome black cat in New York.

    If Glynn is still at home, please give him my good wishes.

  2. I am looking forward to your experiment!

  3. lovely that you have passion for new things... new creations of beauty. wishing you dreams come true.

  4. Glyn is not home at the moment, but in Havenhurst in Milford.
    Will see if I can find the address for people. He is ok, but teh intense cold got to him I think. He has no heating, a house falling down around his ears and not even an inside loo!

  5. It is so good to find new pathways to explore!

  6. I shall be looking forward to the collaboration between you and Adam. Perhaps you should name your collaboration something in an automotive vein, since there have been autos named for both of you: Buick and Morris. I am glad Glyn has a safe refuge. Best of the season to him, his and all of yours!

  7. Oh, I LOVE those mugs!!! And isn't life grand when we find a new door to go through and discover new and exciting things?!!!!

  8. Can't wait to see the results of your collaboration. I've just watched Adam's moon jar throwing video - it's totally hypnotic (and the music's fab too, definitely a clarsach in there somewhere!).