Friday, March 18, 2011

Amnesty International, We Are All Born Free

Today a book arrived in the post. A small book with a big heart. In 2008 Frances Lincoln and Amnesty International published 'We Are All Born Free', the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for children. Now they are re releasing the book in a pocket format and it is just perfect.
The book was commissioned to raise money and awareness of the work of Amnesty International in the world and was published in about 42 languages. All the artists donated their work for free ( and I was lucky enough to be able to get in quick and request, not without irony,' the right to rest from work and relax' ). 
Many of the paintings will be auctioned on 4th October  at the Illustration Cupboard in London with money raised going towards Amnesty's wonderful work. Hoping people will be able to bid by phone and I will blog about it as a reminder closer to the time.

Meanwhile the letter said that the artwork has been wandering the world and was exhibited in Tel Aviv at the Gutman Museum in collaboration with Amnesty International Israel. Over 6 thousand people saw the exhibition which was linked to a lecture on UDHR. So pleased that Amnesty have been making the most of the paintings. Hoping to be at the auction, work permitting.
We Are All Born Free is a beautiful book and I think every family should have a copy, certainly every school.


  1. I love that the hammock in which she rests, is rather dragon-like! In fact, at first glance, that's what I thought.... only on closer inspection did I see that the points are fabric decorations... or are they???

  2. Order placed, thank you so much for blogging about this Jackie. I've been passionate about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights since it was first shown to me in school MANY years ago. The chance to get another copy with such wonderful artwork is too good a chance to miss.

    Might I be allowed to borrow your photos of the book to do my own blog post about this?

  3. I agree it's a brilliant book. Ours is on the table in the front room so it can be looked at anytime. A pocket version is a great idea although I prefer a big version to see the artwork properly. (Creep)

  4. This effort and your contribution are beautiful.

  5. Please do Alice, and link to the film etc. The book came out in so many countries when first released and great that it goes on to get more attention.