Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I would love to have a tail of my own.

Carried away with painting mountains, luckily weariness overtook me. Fortunate timing as I had forgotten that I need to leave space for the type.

A few days ago hundreds of ravens flew over heading north. Yesterday they were back, in pairs, dancing in the wind, a pair high, another higher still and yet more, declaring their sovereignty of the sky. They flew in courtship dances with folded wings and tumbling delight. For a while I stood in the garden, earth bound, and watched, with a wish for wings in my heart.


  1. The grackles are doing their mating thing here -- the males have these big, V-shaped tails and they strut and prance and make noises like a cross between a donkey braying and a loudly squeaking hinge. Yesterday, I saw a little grass sparrow flying off with a blade of dead grass in its beak, nest building.

  2. I have a long furry sweeping tail that I keep hidden so other people don't become too jealous. That's why my jeans are always a bit too tight.