Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two bowls.

Sound travels differently those air thick with mist. Walked this morning, with Sarah, to the top of the hill, each with a healing bowl where we played them together. Sarah's bowl is larger than mine and makes a wonderful deep sound. Together they filled the air with a siren song.


Above is first rough for this year's MBF card which I hope with be in reds and snow.
The mist is burning off now as sunshine comes through. Yesterday the dentist pulled my tooth out and I still feel rather fragile from the whole experience. It has been a hard few weeks since fininshing The Cat and The Fiddle.


  1. I'm not surprised you feeling fragile, it's an unpleasant experience tooth extraction.
    Look after yourself.

    Hugs Jane

  2. That first photo is just beautiful...looks like a painting :)
    I love singing bowls & windchimes...there is something quite magical about the sounds. I imagine it's even better up there overlooking the sea :)
    Love your MBF xmas cards...everyone I sent one to last xmas commented on how lovely it was.

  3. Looking forward to your new card-was able to buy some this year and sent them to special friends-do you think that there will ever be a full collection of all the cards you have done for MBF? I would love to have a complete set just to have and admire.

  4. Sadly I don't think the MBF have teh files of teh very early ones and neither do I but I know they are going to do a selection pack from past designs of mine and re run the mugs with a different company and also they have already approved the rough so will get on with teh art. And will also do a print from it this year again.

  5. Apparently this is not a good month/year for teeth. I had a gum abscess I had to have drained last week. Still have the teeth, though (touch wood). Hope the fresh air and bowl-song helps speed your healing.