Friday, March 11, 2011

What I was doing when I should have been working.

I bought a car sticker for my van as the old sticker was so faded. It looked ugly. So, I decided to design my own. Unlike the Olympic circles the symbol of the Welsh Dragon belongs to the people, to everyone. I am waiting for Jane to add the type for me and then hope to get some printed. They will simply and proudly carry the word Cymru in red and my website address, very small.
Much more elegantly suited to being stuck on the Dragon Wagon.
The original artwork is for sale over at The House of Golden Dreams and I am hoping that we will be able to have stickers available for sale soon from Solva Woollen Mill at Middlemill.


  1. Very beautiful! I've never been one for bumper stickers, but I would definitly put this one on my car.

    Of course, I had to comment on this post, for obvious reasons ;).

  2. Yes, I love to order one or two, am i the first?
    It's really beautiful and proud!!


  3. "The Dragon Wagon" -- of course. If you can get stickers printed, you might put some on your site. I'd admire to have one on my Toyota "Crayola's" bumper.

  4. I think you and Rebecca were the first, Astrid, but then you did see it when it was only half way through.
    Lots of interest on Facebook.

  5. Cool! yeh.. we loved it already half there and it turned out so amazingly strong can't wait to see it as a sticker on all our dirty cars, nice one!

  6. Might have to get the dragon to insist that you wash car before sticking. They only stick to metal, not dirt!

  7. Indeed. A real dragon cymraeg.(I have a small silver one on a chain.From my long-ago time in Bangor.)