Sunday, March 27, 2011

Part 1 of The Seal Children, a film about the story behind the story

I made a short film about The Seal Children, but have since learned how to get clearer definition on the films when uploading so here is a link to the new version. The Seal Children was one of my first longer stories and is a book about love and loss, selkies and fishermen, Wales and the West.


  1. Jackie, you are not only a great writer/illustrator, but a great storyteller. I loved how you described the landscape and the story behind the stone buildings. You spoke with such beauty and longing, that I could not help but to feel the joy you have in your surroundings. Thank you!

  2. exquisite documentary. thank you, thank you. i feel as if i saw exactly what you see.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your part of the world, seeing where your stories are conceived.
    I visited St Davids and the surrounding area many, many years ago and I have never forgotten the magic that was woven into me then.

  4. That was just beautiful. I was completely transported by your words and images. Thank you!

  5. Thank you...because I don't get to travel far these days it was wonderful to walk along with you, listening to your words and the bluster of the wind. I was reminded of a time long ago when I lived in Scotland, far out of town yet within sight of the sea. I can so understand the longing in your voice when you said, 'I'd love to live in this place it's beautiful.'
    Thank you so much Jackie it has quite revived my spirits!


  6. Lovely to see Maes Y Mynydd and hear the solitude of the place... I'd love to take the children there one day - I think it would be magical for them to walk inside the story they know, imagining the Selkie folk down in the cove...
    (That has to be the best office in the world by the way doesn't it!)