Monday, March 14, 2011


On the beach today walking with healing bowl mingling the sound of the bowl with the wind and the waves. It is as if the bowl is alive. She loves to be outside and always rises quickest to the music when touched by the wind, resonates the longest. Walked the length of the beach and she sang all the way as I hunted images for the new MBF card. Each year it gets harder as I hope to do better and sell more so that more musicians can draw from their fund, in times of need or to finance learning, making.
Back home with ideas and a peaceful heart, but her song is addictive and I want to hear it again. 


  1. I love the singing of bowls. I have a CD by Deuter that is singing bowls and tibetan bells. I've gone to sleep to it for over 12 years. The cats hear it and they know it's night-nights time and they come in and settle down to sleep. As much as I love singing bowls, I should really get one, but I have to find the right pitch. That's key.

  2. Would love a copy of the cd. Can you give me the details so that I can order one?

  3. I think I mentioned this once before here, I wonder if you've also experienced crystal singing bowls? A different, but equally entrancing kind of singing!

    A friend of mine has a HUGE collection of Himalayan bowls. We've worked together in concert - he also uses gongs. Its an amazing thing to have 100 bowls to play... really, quite something.

    Also, if you don't know this, try putting a small amount of water in the bottom of the bowl and then playing it. Then move the bowl around in a kind of rocking, swirling motion - you will hear mermaid songs! I bet the ocean creatures will love it.
    Some bowls work better than others and also finding the right amount of water by trial and error... its also intoxicating. I'd love to know if it works with yours, maybe you already know about this?

  4. I've had a singing bowl for years but never though of taking it outside - I will now though - what a lovely thought.

  5. They love being outside! I have taken mine to the top of the hill above my house, but down the beach was astonished at how quickly it began to sing. It does seem so much like a living thing.

  6. I have been yearning for a crystal bowl too. Thanks so much for the tip about the water. Will try that one. One day I will summon the courage to play it in a busy street. Bet someone throws some money into it for me.

  7. Glad to. The album is called "Nada Himalaya"

    and is by a charming gentleman named Deuter.

    It's good "going to sleep" music in that it is melodic, but doesn't have a melody to engage the mind and keep it awake.