Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welsh Dragons.

Yesterday during the evening I went to Croesgoch School. They had invited me in as part of their World Book Day Celebrations. I have a great fondness for this school as my two children went there and the teachers gave them the best start they could have. They both learned to read in the school in St Davids with Gill Thomas, a wonderful teacher and lovely woman, but when they left Gill's class we moved them both to Croesgoch. Here they both prospered and grew and became fluent in Welsh. So funny to see them both yesterday, towering above all the younger children, and the teachers!
The school seemed very full during the eveing and as there were so many people there I did two sessions, with Tell Me a Dragon and Starlight Sailor. I took my healing bowl, for summoning dragons and my dragon puppets, which may soon have to travel to France with me. Infact there were so many people that we ran out of books. Anna from Solva Woollenmill was running the book stall and signed books are always available at the mill, in Middlemill, and online in her shop.
The children had all worked on wonderful paintings of 'their' dragons and I have the unenviable task of judging them. I couldn't do this there as they were too good and I need to take time to look at them all, so will post some more pictures later.

All day today I painted and wandered around in peace and quiet. I have been working on a red dragon on gold. A real Welsh dragon.


  1. How heartwarming to see the children's art, and to experience their enchantment with your art and words. I envy you.

  2. Speaking of the judgement of Solomon -- I hate judging children's art -- unless I can give them all prizes.

  3. hope you saw the view from the new hall

  4. It is quite lovely. When I was there for a morning assembley I was distracted by a fox in a field.