Monday, May 30, 2011

Beautiful Distractions

The day began with walking the dogs ( and Elmo). I then became trapped in the garden. I was distracted by:

potting seeds, salad leaves and coriander,



planting tomatoes and watching the butternut squash grow,


hanging up washing in sunshine,



Tirion's flowers, planted in my garden by her dad, because they are her favorite and reminded her of him.
Finally I made it into my studio where I drew for a while, before becoming distracted by blogging, taking in the dry washing, planting out the baby leeks and weeding one of the raised beds.


  1. This time of year I am COMPLETELY useless because it is garden time... I keep saying that once I get everything "done", then I will be in my studio all the time. Truth is, as I'm sure you know, gardening is never DONE! So then I just need to force myself back into good working habits. Your garden looks beautiful - happy planting!

  2. I say it was all time well spent!

  3. I love this studio

  4. Pleasant times- Sometimes my favorite days are just like that- just puttering and enjoying- I too sent time tending my garden what a pleasure.
    thanks for sharing