Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facebook, foxes, inspiration and owls.

Many people criticize Facebook. It has its problems, doesn't always work as it should, reminds me always that I have a fat belly ( thanks for that facebook! every time I look at my wall! with it's specially chosen facebook adds). At the end of the day it is free.
And I have found that from facebook I have been able to connect with other people who are sometimes like minded, sometimes not. I have been able to make a closer link with my peers. I have found a supportive community of people and there have been times when I have been inspired by facebook, for example when Kathryn Evan's son Archie said that while he believed in faeries he didn't believe in foxes because he had never seen one! The result was the painting of The Strawberry fox.


Sometimes I feel challenged by the opinions of some people, often I find links to beautiful things, always I find that my time becomes tangled in the world of others and very often I find inspiration, so, my thanks to both Jane Hill and Richard Mabey. Jane posted a response to something I had written.

"from Richard Mabey's 'Nature Cure'. The book I was reading this morning, a description of seeing a barn owl at dusk: " it was winnowing the grass, threshing it for food. i could see the last light from the west shining through its wings, marking out the dense primaries from the almost translucent trailing feathers. it seemed at that moment to have four wings, two in the day and two in the night...."

 It reminded my that walking and watching and sometimes standing still and watching is good for the soul, and has drawn me back to the depiction of owls.


Other things I have done with facebook:
bought books recommended by others,
sold books,
met people,
cemented friendships,
learnt things, 
wasted time,
talked nonsense,
invited people to events and exhibitions,
seen things of beauty.


  1. Archie adores his Strawberry Fox - it looks down on his bed ....One day I hope we might own Strawberry Fox painting - but the people who bought it love it so much they won't part with it so I can't be sad that it's being adored. ( Plus I have my Golden Dogs AND my dragon - I am completely spoiled :O)) xx

  2. I totally agree. Facebook has been a great way for me to connect with people, like me, who are working from home but whose souls and spirits fly with the raven in the wild sky.
    I can enjoy the solitude of my working day but now feel that I am not alone but am part of a loose community of thinkers, artists, writers and dreamers.
    Ironic but beautiful that through technology we are reminded of our links with others, with nature and with spirit.

  3. I've made some good friendships and happily revived long forgotten ones, thanks to your nagging to join it. I don't like the way everyone uses it. But that's just a few individuals, not Facebook itself. As a form of communication it's very helpful, especially on days when email isn't working etc. Yes, I know many people sneer at at. They are people who work in teams or have time (and the desire) to Socialise. Like you, Jackie I work alone and there have been times when it's just been so good to nkow there are "friends" out there to give a bit of moral support or perspective on things. FB doesn't replace true social interaction. In fact, it makes setting things up much easaier. And anyone running a business (as we both are) knows what a very useful thing it is.

  4. I love facebook...I've found reconnection with cousins that I played with in the cornfields and old friends, too. Facebook makes staying connected so easy.
    I love The Strawberry Fox. I biggie sized it so I could take it all in. My hearts desire is to paint. So second best is to enjoy what people paint and examine the why I love a certain style. Many can paint but so few can make their subject come alive like you do.

  5. I am always in favor of depictions of owls. Especially that one.
    WOL (8>)

  6. Likewise I love facebook. Much of my work is done alone as well, and it gives a sense of society. It's as though I take a stroll through the market square each morning before settling in to work, and say Hi to Kathryn Evans in her strawberry stall, and you, Jackie, in your studio, and CarolAnn Garratt, a childhood friend I hadn't seen in forty years but who I now watch as she flies her plane around the world for charity. I connect with friends I'll see later in the day in person, and new friends I may never meet in person but with whom I have this most marvelous conversation. And I can share art, and feelings, and have a laugh on days I feel like the world is ending. And the most practical thing I ever did on facebook was when my dishwasher was leaking water and I stumbled on a facebook page on how to clean the steam vent filter to stop the leaking.

  7. To Anita.

    I just thought of another thing. Thanks to Facebook I became acquainted with Jackie. Well, I should say better acquainted because I already knew her paintings, but not the person. Thanks to becoming better acquainted with Jackie I was emboldened to take up painting as a hobby. My work is as a spastic toddler monkey's compared to hers, but it doesn't matter because it is "pushing color around" and it soothes the soul and gives my mind time to think. It is a meditation. So if it is your heart's desire to paint, then paint. I suspect you will be surprised at how good you really are.

  8. I enjoy facebook too. It's fairly easy to sift out the drivel and skim to the important or inspirational bits.
    Yes, Please do more owls, although I enjoy the foxes immensely.
    Thank You for inspiring US.

  9. I would like to echo Deb's post (we have also connected through Facebook through our mutual friendship with you and also another common interest) Facebook some days is my lifeline, it is certainly an inspiration and I love that I have friends worldwide.

    Have no doubt that we shall meet up at some point IRL. Off to share this blog post on Facebook now XX