Saturday, May 28, 2011

Distractions no 4

I met Kevin and Claire through rowing. I think we had moved to the area at a similar time. Kevin was running Sigma and I talked about getting a van and having it wrapped and he said he wanted things for his campsite and we wandered off in different directions.
We came back together again. 
Kevin and Claire have the most beautiful camp site in Abercastle.
Now they also have a yurt and teepee manufacturing company.

And we have done this:

The images are from Starlight Sailor, written by James Mayhew, published in US and UK by Barefoot Books. 
Not quite finished, as Kevin is dressing the yurt up like a dream, but some time in the next couple of weeks I will get more photos. And I am looking forward to working on more with Kevin and Gary and Claire. And teepees. Because Kevin is giving me something I have always wanted, a teepee and next year, with his help, I will dress it in a new skin, with wolves and hares.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to spending a night or two in a yurt just reading and listening to the wind in the leaves and the birds in the trees, watching the light fade out of a day and back in again and seeing the stars and the turning world.


  1. Beautiful, I love Yurts...
    We spent our wedding night in a small candlelit Yurt in a flower meadow that had been filled with roses and lavender by our friends. Theres nothing like waking to that circle of blue, blue sky, and dancing shadows of silhoetted grasses playing over the walls.
    Most of our guests camped over so the party lasted two days in the end!

  2. Dragons, yurts and teepees, oh my! How great to wrap them. Have a wonderful retreat.

  3. Jackie, I'm turning green as I sit here typing! The yurt sounds fabulous, but your very own teepee (and with wolves and hares on it!) that's a dream!

  4. Your distractions are so much better than mine. I'm jealous. A yurt. A teepee. sigh!

  5. so wonderful to look at
    and even better to experience
    wishing you a lovely time

  6. WoW! I have always wanted to sleep in a yurt. It looks so beautiful with your artwork, how thrilling for you to be part of such a lovely project!