Friday, May 13, 2011

Things that are beautiful.

New green growth on a stunted holly tree, sharp leaf spikes, coloured deep green.
The skin surface of the sea swaying and wind wrinkled.
The smell of sunshine on wild ponies.
Sea campion, white, delicate.
Bluebells on the cliffs by the sea, their colour bleeding down, dark marine, into the green stems.


  1. a lilac hedge pushing out tiny green leaflets
    a fat bumble bee bumbleing by
    an osprey diving into the lake
    freshly turned earth
    tulips blooming
    sunshine on my face
    dirt on my hands
    a post from Jackie

  2. Orange-yellow daylillies blooming furiously amid the paradise tree seedlings and wild flowers. An assortment of grackles policing the lawn (such as it is), the ladies in tawny black, the gentlemen with their weathervane tailfeathers. Sunrise sunlight sieved through the elm leaves.