Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Walking to try and clear my head and saw seals, buzzards, red fox, stonechat, ravens, fulmar, linnets, skylark, martin, swallow and swift, foxgloves, tormentil, marsh orchids and bluebells. Rich.

Trying to tidy up my desks, my room, my head, but instead I am wandering around other people's creative spaces on facebook.



  1. I love the striding out of the woman in this; she has such a sense of movement. The lion behind seems quite intrigued as to where she is leading him

  2. Yay! The red dress lady. She's my favorite. You should do a book about the red dress lady. She has such interesting friends and goes adventuring to such interesting places.

  3. I love umbrellas and I find this one especially wonderful...I love going on walks with you-----