Sunday, May 15, 2011


Working steadily, quietly through the day on a large piece to take to Art in Action. I want to try and catch the last light of day or the first light of day in the feathers of an owl's wings.
How much does a title change the way a painting is seen.
I could call this:
Barn Owl
or I could call it
Hushwing, Bellvoice.
Or I could call it 
Soft Wings Silence Song.
It needs gold leaf, moongold I think. I will work on it a little more then finish it at Art in Action in July. Until then it will sit in my studio and I will watch and wonder, if the owl gets a meal, if the wren escapes to sing another day.


  1. such a beautiful owl
    "moongold"... evocative of an elusive treasure
    is there such a thing as white gold leaf in the world?

  2. Beautiful, epecially the lovely barred tail feathers of the Owl... I like 'Hushwing, Bellvoice' it leaves the conclusion open ended and they are such beautifully evocative names.
    The Wren reminds me of that old tale of how Wren became King of the birds, tricking them by riding on Eagle's back to fly the highest of all...

  3. A lovely post.
    I saw a little owl today sitting on a tree stump whilst I was out walking. He was so amazing, and then flew off on hushed wings. I felt very privileged to have witnessed him.
    Hope to see you at Art in Action. :)

  4. Love that story, King of the Birds, so much.

  5. Moongold is almost a white gold but still has some yellow about it and yes, there is white gold leaf. And red, and yellow and antique gold and French....

  6. I think a good title might be.
    "Take this you little bugger".
    Hhhhhmmmmmm! On second thoughts maybe not.

    It is going to be one of your best paintings without a doubt.
    I love the way you have shown the Owl from behind, I have never seen that before.

  7. Sweet little wrens -- so pert and with their tipped up tail. We have wrens here, but not in town.