Thursday, May 26, 2011

Distractions no 3

There are many ways to distract myself from work. I bought an iPad this week and went online to try and find a case, but all that I could find were masculine, functional and ugly. So I decided to make my own. One thing leads to another and now I find that I have a shop at Cafe Press, and it is to become the gift shop for The House of Golden Dreams. As time goes on the stock will grow, and it can also grow by request, so, if you see an iPhone cover but have a blackberry, just email to request something.
I haven't yet bought anything from cafe press but hope to get badges made in time for Art in Action and iPad cover when I can decide what I want on it. And with luck I will put a whole range of things on to coincide with the launch of the Cat and the Fiddle.


  1. At least you have a use for your iPad. I have no way to justify my getting one. My brother has an iPhone. I wish I could justify getting one of those, too, but it's all I can do to use up the minutes on my measly little plain vanilla cellphone.

  2. So how do you get to produce this items so quickly? I realise you have the art work at hand but how do you get them printed up so quickly?

  3. Have a look at or Jacqui. These are print on demand things. At the moment they only exhist is the virtual world until someone orders them, so no massive stock, no worries about selling, just a lot of trying to wrap your head around the software and marketing. And all because I wanted an iPad case, an iPhone case and a mouse mat.