Friday, January 1, 2010

Full moon and early mornings

Full moon in a dark sky and the world silvered by moonlight and frost. Moonshadows broke up the ground into crackled mosaics. Sitting quietly by the fire, heaped with cats while Robin cooked supper I read The Claude Glass by Tom Bollough, a heartbreaking book, haunting, poetic, beautiful. Glass of fizz in one hand, book in the other, peace in my heart, words of beauty singing a story in my head. Perfect.

Walking today my camera ran out of battery, so I could not photograph the sunlight caught like a halo in the finest cats fur, the wind twisted tree with a patch of sky held in its basket bowl of twigs, soft moss emerald bright on a monochrome stone, a dog filled with delight at a brittle stick, a leaf thickened ad beade by frost, a distant flight of birds like a beautiful scarf blown across a fresh blue sky,smoke rising from early morning chimneys.


  1. Even if you cannot take any photo, i can see all what you are talking about, so poetic. Thank you Jackie to share with us a part of your life.
    Happy new year for you and the ginger family.

  2. And now it is snowing and the air is all hush and falling white. Only a shower but there is a promise of more. The bird feeders are full, logs have been gathered into teh house. All cats are home and the hill above Whitesands Beach is dusted with snow. Fingers crossed for more.
    Time to work, and wait.

  3. Happy New Year Jackie!

    Thanks for being such a bright light and delighting my mornings with stories of your adventures and those wonderful ginger adventures too!

  4. I always look for a long time at your beautiful photos, but your words make lovely pictures in my mind. Crafting a scene with words stirs the imagination of both the writer and the reader.

  5. Beautiful words... weaving magically in my mind!
    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!
    Love Jane xxx