Monday, October 18, 2010

Home again home again, jiggerty jig.

Two weeks away, lots of exciting adventures, a camera full of photographs, tigers, dragons and bears, but........ I have only three months to finish Nursery Rhymes and work on another project so blogging time will be pushed to the edges of painting time. I have two weeks to get the cover for A Rhyme in Time painted so that my publishers can get a 'blad' together for the sales teams to use both here and in the USA.

A few things to mention in passing, there will be pictures and more detail later.
1. Tell Me a Dragon is shortlisted for the Norfolk Childrens Book Award.
2. I did go to London Zoo and I did feed tigers, and met a man who knows a great deal about big cats.
3. Frances Lincoln are considering publishing my novel. 
4. Norfolk is beautiful.
5. It is very difficult to ravel on the trains in the UK these days. Feels very Alice in Wonderland. Strange.
6. Evelyn Williams is as elegan now as she was when I met her 20 years ago.


  1. Glad you made it home safely. Lovely to meet you at last.

  2. Welcome home, Jackie. Those of us not in Stockport, Norfolk or wherever else you went have missed you! Have the gingers forgiven you for going away yet?

  3. Oh you have had adventures, feeding a tiger too. Your news is exciting to hear.

  4. Jackie: so pleased to hear that you are back in St. David's with Tom, Hannah and the Gingers. I believe that your two weeks away was very enjoyable and profitable although very hectic.
    And did you mention a novel ?? -- A Novel -- A NOVEL -- what a treat!!! Welcome Home !!

  5. Good to meet you too Fiona. I think I need to come back to Norfolk. Beautiful place. I want to see hares and I didn't get enough time to just play. Have lovely photos though.

  6. Good to have you back safely. I'm curious why you thought traveling on the trains was "Alice in Wonderland-y"

  7. I'm sure you had a great welcome home from all your two legs and four legs!
    Hope you enjoyed your trip...
    Carrie... :)

  8. Your Jack be Nimble painting is brilliant, look forward to seeing your Rhyme in Time & a novel too how exciting!