Tuesday, October 26, 2010



  1. What a wonderfully whimsical orrery & interesting use of the liminal spaces of dawn & dusk for the front & back covers, very inviting & intriguing.

  2. Moving right along! Right now I'm leaning toward the one with numbers on the clock face.

  3. The clock face is the front cover. The other is the back cover, the back of the clock.
    One is the other reversed, but as time will have passed between opening the book and getting to the end, things have happened, time has turned.
    Tomorrow I hop et get the cover almost finished and the back worked up more. Looking forward to seeing how the image changes as I put the hands on the clock.
    And tonight I am alone in my house. It is warm from the log fire. Jennifer Warnes is singing to me, from her album called The Well, and I am going to sleep in my studio. Outside the rain is beating a rhythm on the rood=f and the wind is joining its song with Jennifer. One day I will hear her singing live. Soon I hope.

  4. Oh, I love this, and I love the idea that time passes while reading and is reflected in the cover artwork. I have a wonderful book by Kit Williams called 'Out of One Eye' and there are several beautiful mechanical pieces, including an orrery. I found a couple of links of his work you might find interesting!



    P.S. I love sleeping just under the roof on stormy, rainy nights!