Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is raining soft rain on fallen golden leaves in England.

Walking with Robin and his dog, Larry, around the water meadows of Stony Stratford and on the banks a family of swans sit, preening. They have done well this year. Six gray signets. The river moves slowly past weeping willows still heavy with leaves that are beginning to glow golden. Those that have fallen beneath the trees hold the light and throw it back up into your face.
Yesterday's journey was long as I stopped in St Davids where Hannah made me  sandwich, then in Haverfordwest to pick up a horse and a tiger in a teacup, and on to Whitland where a sudden urge to knit sent me into Colourways. Hoping to sit and knit, on the train, in hotel rooms in between sessions. I have yarn and bamboo needles, though they had the most beautiful wooden needles in the shop. I will be working from pattern for the 'drifter' sweater from the Rowan catalogue, but love the scarves too, especially the traveler scarf and Alisa. Then on to Raglan Castle where I ate Hannah's sandwich. All along the way the trees were just turning towards autumn.
I found it hard to leave Pembrokeshire on such a beautiful day. At Newgale a line of horses was strung out across the beach again, reminding me of Epona's necklace, so I hope I get time and space to doodle in sketchbooks.
I have my camera, have learned how to upload photos from my iPhone to Facebook, so I am hoping to find time to blog.

So, tomorrow I will be at The Starlit Festival in Hackney then off to Stockport on the train.