Friday, October 22, 2010

There is no way to spell how this makes me feel inside.

Finally found a way to make it work but the painting is still not sitting right. So have sent another rough to my publishers, much lighter, much more movement and much more representative of what is between the covers.

And you can play 'spot the nursery rhyme' with this one. 


  1. Hickory, Dickory 'n' Dock,
    Were three mice
    Who ran up a clock,
    The clock stuck one,
    Two mice ran down.
    Not Hickory,
    But Dickory 'n' Dock.

    Not Hickory, but Dickory 'n' Dock
    Where two mice
    Who ran up the clock.
    The clock struck one,
    One mouse ran down,
    Not Hickory nor Dickory but Dock.

    Not Hickory nor Dickory but Dock
    Was the one mouse
    Who ran up the clock
    The clock struck one
    And now we're done.
    No more Hickory, or Dickory, OR Dock.

    (c) Philip Ardagh
    from 'Not How They Were, But Should Have Been'

  2. Oh, delightful! I hope this one does the job :D

  3. Am I missing something? It looks beautiful to me.

  4. The painting is too heavy, too static and too dark. Too many straight lines Meg. Looks ok if you squint at it but not right. The new one looks like it might move, like a clock, like a carousel and like it should have music box music with it. I love music boxes.

  5. The rough is lively and fun..I think I'm getting an idea of why you don't like the first for the cover..(beauty though it is)
    a clock face as a carousel is inspired..we'll keep our fingers crossed for you

  6. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could have a little wind up handle sticking out the side of the book to make music as you read??
    I admire the tenacity and integrity you must have to go back two or three times on such a large painting to get it feeling right... it would demoralise me I think!
    As proven before with Starlight Sailor, you will get it right...

  7. And "hey diddle diddle" is there, too.
    Hmm...I can see the need for movement.But executing that need? I'm sure you'll "get" it, Jackie

  8. Ah, Swan Artworks, but the difference is this. With Starlight Sailor I got the cover right first time and what followed was not so good. With this one the first was bad, the second average and I have fingers crossed that the third will be different, eye catching. And I would love it if music played when the book was opened. Hopefully it will, but in a different way. I do love music boxes, especially the sounds in Verspertine by Bjork. Magic.

  9. Yes! The sketched one is very eye catching, even in the "rough" version -- with colors, it will be gorgeous. -- and, yes, what a fun activity to sit with a child and try to figure out which figure goes with each rhyme, and even have a little lesson in telling time.

    Surely you can salvage your other two attempts-- they may not work as book covers, but I'll bet they'll "recycle" nicely as stand-alone pictures to put in a gallery.

    I know you like Kevin Kendle. With your love of music boxes, are you familiar with his CD "Pure Dreaming"? There's a song on it, "Nightfall" where there's a piano loop that is very like a music box. So lovely behind the piano melody. I'm enjoying it as I type.

  10. Have you listened to that wonderful Tim Hart nursery rhyme cd yet? If not, why? It will solve your painters's block.