Friday, October 1, 2010

Where the streets are paved with gold and oysters can be found.

I have to pack to go away for two whole weeks and I have never been away for two weeks in all the 20 years I have lived here. Two weeks of traveling around England working in schools, meeting children, booksellers, staying in hotels.

1. Dragons, bears, cats and the snowleopard.
2. Silver, amber and the coat of a pirate.
3. Tools. Brushes, paper, sketchbooks, pencils and pencil case, colours, camera, computer ( small one) dummy books.
4. Script and sketchbook for doodling ideas.
5. Clothes. Goodness me. Enough for two weeks. Expect to look a little ragged by the end.
6. A book to read. Just one. Am going to The Book Hive in Norwich on Friday 8th, in the afternoon and before that to The Norfolk Children's Book Centre, so expect to pick up a book or two. And will be singing the praise of Gillian Philip's wonderful book, Firebrand as I go, just because I love selling other people's work and this book is a star!
7. POWERPOINT. Makes it very easy to read the book to children, but am beginning to think that these days they have enough of screnes. I can show sketches easier though, and the whole process of how a book comes to be.
8. Itinerary, so I know where I am going.
9. Train tickets.
10. Oyster. I am told that you need to have an oyster to travel in London these days. That you have to 'swipe' your oyster. Strange place, but hey, have oyster, will travel! Oh, and you can get your oyster topped up in a newsagents. ( Is it just me, or does that sound a little odd. Funny place, London. Streets are paved with gold, or so I am told).


  1. Looking forward to seeing you in Norfolk next week.

  2. Two weeks of traveling about sounds exciting -- and exhausting! Have fun, make new friends, and enjoy yourself. Have oyster, will travel. . .

  3. Happy packing and safe travels. Your ginger gang and doggies, the skylarks and seal babies will miss you. Do not quite understand the "oyster" thingy...but then I am American and am sorely ignorant of the ways of the worldly London folk.

  4. Have a great trip! Sounds like you're going to be very busy - hope its good fun too :)

  5. Have fun!

    I was most puzzled so I googled oyster Robin and it came up with this