Friday, October 22, 2010

Outside the window clouds fly over the green land, sun slants long shadows.

The problem with book covers is that I have a few years of difficult ones behind me. And there are so many books of nursery rhymes that I have to make mine stand out. So, time to start again and maybe third time lucky.
Outside there are flocks of small songbirds, chaffinches that are here for winter. I am waiting for fieldfare and redwing. Listening to David Hughes. Being a Poet is wonderful as is An Ordinary Life. Wonderful guitar and lyrics. And when I was away he gave me a cd of a new song about Venice and romance and a handsome man. And I do love his Song For England, such a beautiful love song.
Time to face the blank page again.

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  1. I'm with you. Finding the right music makes all the difference. It's got to be just the right mood and feel for what you're doing. But when it is, things just flow so nicely. (Rats! David Hughes has nothing available on Rhapsody. Where's my Google bookmark. . .)