Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coming along


...you can do a lot while you wait for a phonecall.


  1. Your art is magic to me.
    Thanks for replying to my query, I love my Tell Me a Dragon book and it will be treasured. I will be dreaming my dragon tonight.

  2. Ooh yes I think the Lady riding the cat has much more energy and life to it... high stepping, tail held high jauntiness reflects the rhyme very well... Can't wait to see the rest come along...
    Carrie :)

  3. Love the attitude of catitude. Yes, I think the wagon works much better, too.

  4. I am imagining that she is a traveling performer and the wagon is a combination gypsy van where she lives and puppet theater, and that the outside parts of the cow and moon, dish and spoon turn as the wagon rolls. She is playing a jaunty jig on her fiddle that the cat just can't help strutting in time with, making the journey easy and the load light.