Saturday, January 29, 2011

Third, fourth or fifth time lucky?

 Take one frosted feather.......

..later, elements from the studio and some from the imagination...... make a perfect long day painting.

( Hickory dickory dock, the mouse ran up the clock, and A B C tumble down D, the cat's in the cupboard and he can't see me!)


  1. What an interesting cupboard. Is it free-standing or built in? Hard to tell from the picture. I love how you have the cat peeking from out of the cupboard. I have some built-in bookcases with cupboards beneath -- I've given up trying to keep their doors closed. They've become a favorite kitty hideout.

  2. Did you pose this before you painted? Again, I adore seeing your process...

  3. The cupboard is actualy just some doors that I bought in an antique shop a year or so back. I want to do two paintings to go inside the doors and gild the inside of the doors. The cupboard will act as a frame for the work. Still thinking about what to do. I have two sets of them too.
    The snowdrops were just sitting there on top of the owl, with the vase and the hare. And the dogs are on a wish list. Want to get some next time I see some in a charity shop or somewhere.
    Oh, and the cat is downstairs but does like cupboards. Once when he was ill he spent s long in a cupboard he almost died there.