Sunday, January 30, 2011


Two weeks, three and a half paintings plus a couple of small decorations. And a dragon to paint to take to Norfolk. And, if time, something for Valentine's Day. And forms to fill in and contracts to send off and teenagers to feed and dogs to walk and carpets to clean ( studio getting a bit grubby)


  1. This is truly wonderful - new details emerging as I scanned the painting brought a smile to my lips ... will you have a pair of those wonderful Satsuma/Kutani vases?

  2. Love looking over your shoulder and watching the evolution!!!!!!

  3. And the "red dress" lady with her white bear on the clock! And dancing with the bear on the little moving figures at the top-- I love it. And I love the way the cat is not obvious but hidden in the shadows. Do I recognize those vases? This is going to be a great book!