Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stealing time

All day the weather has been drearsome, the light loath to come into the world, the cloud low. Inside the house is wood warmed and blushed. Outside as gray as can be, cloud kissing the grass. I have been painting and now am waiting to hear from America, so am going to steal an hour to paint the cat.
And in the meantime have been listening to Folkroots podcast. What a brilliant way to find wonderful music.


  1. Like the dish and spoon placement :0)
    Thanks for the podcast link ..New to me and playing as I type

  2. a magnificent cat and beautiful whimsical take on a favourite rhyme!

  3. Your comment reminded me of a lovely tale of a newly qualified nursery school teacher (she taught us our early years course).

    Imagine, first day at work, she put a lovely plush toy bird on the table along with paints and paper.
    "Today we are all going to paint the bird" she told her children.
    Distracted by a colleague she went to deal with something else, on her return the children had indeed painted the bird; the toy was now a riot of colours and dripping in paint.

    I have mental images now of the Ginger darlings in a variety of lovely colours, leaving paint pawprints along the floor.

  4. Stunning image... I love the proud, prancing cat..... hello from America, though I imagine its really someone ELSE you're waiting to hear from!

  5. You keep designing these wonderful clocks with sticking out bits that rotate around the clock face that just beg for someone to actually build them!

    I love how you've done the wagon, and I shall be waiting to see if I have guessed correctly as to what you have pencilled in sitting on the front of the wagon where the shafts are. The lady playing the fiddle is wonderful. Most illustrations show the cat playing the fiddle, but the rhyme only says there's a cat and there's a fiddle, with no suggestion as to how they may be associated. I like your interpretation.