Friday, January 7, 2011

Old work

For Greenpeace Germany, years ago


  1. I so love that picture. I donate to Greenpeace. Hopefully, someday, the slaughter of whales and all innocent creatures that have no voice, will be a thing of the past and the perpetrators will be treated as terrorists.

  2. Lovely, but our work has evolved. Although this is beautiful, you are better now.
    How is Glyn and Nadolig?

  3. Through a bout of horrible flu - and with some serious inspiration needed, I've read your blog from beginning to end (yep, I really did!) and I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you! Your artwork is incredible, your home enviable, your views amazing and your words have been a tonic!

  4. Oh, sing a song of the sea. I love whalesong. Hope van negotiations have been successfully concluded. I can't wait to see it "illustrated" -- oh, then you could call it "The Illustrated Van" - evocative of the Ray Bradbury book/short story.