Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A moment, a thought, a memory.

On a school visit somewhere in Birmingham I sat before a class of children, opened "Can You See a Little Bear and almost began to read. A tug at my sleeve. Looking down a tiny child, black headscarf around her beautiful face.
"Can I sign for you?" she asked.
In her ear, a hearing aid.
"Please, " I answered.
I turned the pages. 
"Elephants are big, mice are small. Can you see a little bear standining on a ball? And here is my dog and her name is Floss...."
As I read I watched from the corner of my eye as her hands danced and spoke my words.
Now, a few years later she comes to mind and I wonder where she is now. 


  1. What a magical moment! Thank you so much for sharing it.


  2. what a lovely story,, I can picture her in my minds eye,, so sweet..thankyou for sharing that,,that will be my reflecting high point of this day,,

  3. How lovely! I hope she is still telling stories.

    I taught a deaf child and always regretted that all I could do was say thank you and please to her.

    Although she used to sign, "you crazy!" to me, and I did learn to sign back "you cheeky".

    Isn't signing a poetic language

  4. Such poignant sweet thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

    I was wondering how your neighbor is doing as well.

  5. Watching a child sign is like watching hands dance.

  6. Special moments seem to hold a life of their own and become somehow timeless... the memory stays alive and real somehow..recreated in the heads of those who hear the story...perhaps a shared imaginative reality is what Magic is ? perhaps I'm woffling but the picture you describe is very alive in my imagination and gives pleasure... I also wonder where she is now :0)...but you've made me puzzle over time and the reality of kind acts/thoughts and the like..when shared by speech or the written word or art work they are able to be freshly recreated in the imagination of others and thus become real again and thus timeless ? You know I think that it may be fair to call that Magic

  7. no doubt, she will be pouring over more of your books appreciating the rich imagery and new places to explore in her imagination.

  8. what a special moment, i wonder like you, where she is now?