Monday, January 31, 2011


Yesterday we walked, over the hill and far away to the rocks where the fox once was. In the heather there were frost flowers in shadow pools untouched by winter sun.
We sat, Robin and I, on the hill while the dogs spilled around us.
Today when I looked at the photos I took I laughed so much at Rosie doing her dangerous stunts with a small stick. She is beautiful.

Today I learned that a library in Torfaen near Pontypool want to use my dragon images to decorate their library, a new one that is opening soon, and I tried to settle to work, and move two tonnes of logs and find out how much I still have to do on The Cat and The Fiddle.



  1. Rosie looked as if she had lots of fun in that glorious sunshine. Love the new piece of work, especially the little peeping cat.

  2. She's a beautiful puppy scruff with a beautiful back drop.

  3. What a funny girl is Miss Rosie! We might draw a good lesson from our furry friends -- all it takes to make them happy is a stick and a good romp (or a little bit of cloth covered foam to chase and bat about the house). I am truly glad you're blogging about your work. It adds such a wonderful dimension to your paintings to be able to recognize the bits of your life that find their way into them -- the "red dress Lady" and the white bear, the lovely vase you found, your kitties, the dogs, the landscape you live in -- So interesting to see how images are combined and recombined, how they recur and take on new aspects. . .

  4. Lovely photos and lovely painting ...nearly missed the

  5. Wonderful photographs of Rosie, what a smashing dog she is!
    The clock in your painting is just so beautiful.


  6. I think lovely Rosie needs to come to the big smoke someday and gallop with Juno and Blue on the Heath....