Sunday, January 9, 2011

Short list.

For now I am  going to take time, to breathe. Outside my house, in the rain, a big red van waits. Inside my house my head has gathered while it slept, the threads of an idea that needs colour woven through the dream. I will clear my studio with some smoking sacred sage and pull my thoughts to peacefulness with a Nepalese singing bowl, and then I will face the great white space and catch a dream in threads of coloured water and try to make it sing too.


  1. Oh...lovely words...such peace...
    I wish I could hear the singing bowl..
    and the sound of the sea!


  2. Sounds like a great way to ground and center. And what a snazzy van awaits you!

  3. We were traveling across the city to the library on Saturday ..the city had been nestled in an ice fog that had just lifted... the Sun was setting and there were two huge Sundogs reaching high into the sky ..think of a rising cloud of smoke traveling skywards only it was rainbow colours ...very special
    I have heard a singing bowl and for some reason it made me think of the Sun dogs

  4. I love the scent of sage and the sound of singing bowls.

    Are you familiar with "Nada Himalaya" by Deuter?

    I think you'd like it.

  5. oh i love singing bowls~a shop nearby sells them and i have always been tempted but so far held back.
    ahhh i see Star Child in the picture :) i love Star Child

  6. I have just received a copy of Tell Me a Dragon by courier, I have been eagerly awaiting it and I love it! It is a book I am going to treasure and i shall enjoy reading it to visiting children.

    I would like to post some photos of your book on my blog sometime in the next few weeks and link back to you here - would this be acceptable to you?

  7. Absolutely. Please feel free to cut, copy, paste images from anywhere on my sight with links back. That will be brilliant. And thank you.