Friday, April 16, 2010

Commuting to work and scribbles in moleskine.

Back to the drawing board today. Woken early by nightmare about plane crash, then up to the studio to play with roughs. Today I felt like commuting to work, so parked the car at Whitesands and walked home. The sky is the clearest blue, so beautiful, with no trails from planes anywhere, and though I understand that it must be so frustrating for people who want to fly, so aweful for people who have saved to go away, the sky does look very beautiful. And people at Heathrow who live under the flightpaths must have had their first good nights sleep for years. Today the sky looks like it would have looked when my great grandparents and grandparents looked up.

 Halfway home, clear blue.

 Playing with hand drawn type.

A swarm of bees in May
Is worth a load of hay


  1. I have been thinking this about the sky as well. It somehow seems quieter and liberating. Plus not to have aggressive airforce jets buzzing overhead is quite splendid.

  2. Love the photos, the peace and quiet must be something.

    We are in the flight path of the small planes airport..also the USAF base's flight playground and when the main Airport chooses a Northern path....

    But our Volcanoes rumble so we get a break too now and again

    but you do get to see interesting, sometimes brightly coloured small planes..sometimes with floats or skis on ..and they fortunately only occasionally seem to miss the airfield (fingers crossed)

  3. We had the most wonderful sunset, with a huge, deep red sun. I guess that some of the dust must have moved from Exeter to us by now!

  4. If my wife wasn't stranded in Iceland, I think I might appreciate the quiet skies more...

  5. Georgeous pictures :) and by the way, I love your lists as they remind of all I should be doing instead of sitting here!!!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  6. It is astonishing how much we depend on air travel. I have a friend who should be going away next week and probably can't and she works so hard and it is her birthday, another working in Bangladesh who should be home on Wednesday but probaby won't be, a meeting with my publisher who is in Indonesia for easter and I don't expect she will be flying back on Tuesday, and such chaos has ensued with business. I do hope that your wife has somewhere comfortable to stay and is ok. I would hate more to be stuck away from home than unabe to leave to go on holiday.