Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A conversation with my daughter.

Hannah: I read your blog post yesterday and that was no way a realistic list.
Me: Yes, I know, but I have so much to do.
Hannah: Well why do you put so much on when you know that you can't cross it all off and it just makes you look bad?
Me: Beacause
      1. It helps to organize my time and 
      2. because I do expect that I will be able to cross off at least half the stuff and that will make me feel better.
Hannah: So tomorrow all you need to write is 'See yesterday's post'.
Me" Listen, if I wrote a realistic list that I could cross everything off then I would write:
1. Make list.
That isn't really a list is it?
Hannah: No, it's a statement.
Me: Thanks Hannah.

So, today's list.
1. Make list
2. Address some of the things on yesterdays list and make sure you can cross at least 2 things off it.
3. Walk dogs


  1. I dont mind, it means your life is as chaotic as mine and makes me feel better!
    Love what you do, and the cats, wish I could do it too, left it a bit late I am afraid.

  2. well that conversation made me laugh ...:0)

  3. So you could add "entertain people from far away" to the list and cross it off ...?

    and I could add "read Artist's list and smile" to my list and cross it off ....

  4. A friend says (but she probably got the line from a movie) "If it was easy, everyone would do it, and then it wouldn't be special." You make the writing and the painting and the mothering look easy, Jackie... and I know it isn't. You are a very special person. Thanks for allowing us into your life.

  5. The unachievable list gives you options. . .