Saturday, April 3, 2010

Drawing hares

While I was distracted drawing hares the cats seem to have sneaked in and posted their picture on my blog, so I am going to sneak over the theirs and put some of my things on while they are curled in sleep. Sshhhh......


  1. Another beautiful hare, I love the textures of the fur and the coiled tension, the taut muscles and tendons in his leg...
    He seems poised to bolt!

  2. These two hares are quite fabulous... you might like the hares of the ceramic artist Jeremy James too.

  3. So Jackie, are you suffering from a surfeit of chocolate, or have you been out hare watching? Here it is really blustery, and on Thursday I spent most of the day at Porthcothan beach with a friend of mine, Jane Darke, who is a great film maker. Her husband was the wonderful playwright Nick Darke
    Amazingly we saw our first swallow! It must have been blown from Africa - the wind was so strong! We were 'wrecking' (beachcombing to you!) along the strand line.

  4. Hi Jackie! Congratulations on getting shortlisted for the Ravenheart award at ! :)

  5. Hi Jackie,
    Congratulations on you Blog shortlisting. I voted for you and I hope you win. Your blog is the prettiest by a long chalk.