Monday, April 12, 2010


Dragged from the house by Hannah into a blue sky blue sea day and a walk for the dogs. Raven, wheatear and a gannet flying so low over sea so clam that it is perfectly mirrored. Warm sun and watching for porpoise in Ramsey Sound.


Back home and the cover art for Dragon Keeper has made it through to the shortlist for The David Gemmell Legend Award- The Ravenheart award for best cover. The award is another one where people vote for the cover they like most so go and look and vote. I am hoping that the raven that followed us on our walk is a good omen.

List, for today and tomorrow
1. Blog.
2. Walk dogs.
3. Draw hares.
4. Get camera to the cleaners.
5.Make fire.
6. Tidy house.
7. Sort out things that need sorting for the accountant.
8. Take some time to read.
9. Work on roughs for nursery rhymes, Robin Hobb covers, MBF Christmas card and notecards, roughs for cat book, Shalom House Hospice Trust Christmas Card, promoting blog for author blog awards (voting closes at midnight on 15th April ), write, do roughs for pressing ideas and try and maintain a semblance of sanity.
10. Watch pilot for Dollhouse by the fire with Hannah while drinking a dark glass of Marsala.

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous hares, Jackie. Every time I look at your drawings I am utterly stunned at their finesse and beauty. You'd love Jeremy James' ceramic hares, I'm sure. I asked him why he didn't make cats and he said he thought they were too fluid in their motion, which I thought made sense, but I'd still love to see him do a cat... after all, he's done otters.