Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Findings, looking.

Early morning painting, thinking. 

1. Make list.
2. Stretch paper.
3. Paint  for at least 6 hours.
4. Walk dogs to a different beach.
Walking the cliffs in Pembrokeshire, the air like cold silk on the skin, sky like the underbelly of a fish and wimbrel, cormorant, oystercatchers fighting the wind, ravens and a seal watching as I sit among thrift, seacampion and squil to write about pandas. Then home to lions and unicorn and bees.
5. Roughs, for Christmas cards, for nursery rhymes.
6. Take children to school, collect same children, take Tom rowing, sit for a while and watch the sea.
7. Don't forget to look for the poetry in every day life.

A small clutch of dragon eggs, from a Flower Dragon.


  1. I wonder if I should also blog my to do lists. Maybe it's added incentive?
    Do flower Dragon always lay on flowery patterns? For camouflage I suppose? Lovely eggs!

  2. Is that your paint water next to your tea cup? I have to make sure I put them on opposite sides of the table...I don't know how many times I've absent-mindedly dipped my brush into my tea mug, it's like it sends out a little siren call and my paintbrush just can't resist. Even worse if I don't realise I've done it and then take sip!

    I like No. 7 best today. And the painting in progress is beautiful!

  3. Hannah told me in no uncertain terms that my to do lists make me look like a lazy slacker as I never ever manage to cross everything off the list. She fails to notice all the things I do that aren't on the list! And one day I will cross everything off, even if I make the list at the end of the day, a list of things I have done, and cross each one off.

  4. Oh, and two paintwaters, clean and dirty and yes, I too do dip my brush in my tea! And the other day I almost tipped my tea all over my painting!

  5. Better to dip your brush in the tea than drink the paint water? Perhaps not.. I tipped coffee all over the back of a cardigan I'd just finished - did wash out with swift action, thank goodness. Husband once tipped a bowl of porridge over an exam script he was marking - don't ask me how, or why he was reading it whilst eating breakfast.
    Love your painting of the Lion and the Unicorn, it's one of my favourite bits from 'through the looking glass'

  6. A lovely glimpse into your work room ..the lion is looking very real now...A handsome chap

  7. I think you found your 'poetry in the every day' in that description of walking the cliffs!
    I shall have to remind myself to look for poetry in every day life more often, it does make a difference!
    Thanks for the thought!

  8. Love getting the glimpses into your studio...miss that from the old blog!