Sunday, April 25, 2010

A realistc list?

1. Find camera.
2. Kids to school.
3. Walk dogs.
4. Paint for at least 6 hours.
5. Pick kids up from school.
6. Look for giant panda.
7. Gather poems, leopards, dragons, whales and bears and take to Porthgain to pick Tom up ( with camera if found).
8. Try and do at least 2 roughs for nursery rhymes. 3 would be better.
9. Think about Christmas.
10. Make list.


  1. Your list made me chuckle...full of quite ordinary things until you get to No. 6 and go "hey, what?!" My husbnad has the slightly annoying, but very cute habit of adding odd things to 'to-do' lists he finds lying around...years ago, my poor mum read "shampoo gecko" about three times before she realised it actually WASN'T her handwriting!

  2. Don't even think about No 9 before the year is two-thirds over or you'll get bogged down!

  3. I love the top photograph in this series. It looks like the water will spill off the edge of the world. Beautiful.