Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In an attempt to maximize the use of time and organize life, make a realistic list.

1. Make List.
2. Finish 3 hares.
3. Do at least 2 roughs for nursery rhymes.
4. Read text for cat book and start work on thumbnail sketches.
5. Phone publisher to talk about next week's meeting (that you haven't done any work for hence 3 and 4 on list!)
6. Tidy studio floor so that it is possible to see clear space from one end to the other.
7. Walk dogs, maybe taking sketch book on walk so that no. 3 can be addressed, thus multitasking.

Taken from the same spot moments apart while walking dogs.
Sometimes Pembrokeshire looks so Meditteranean.
8. Take some of rubbish from garden and boxes from studio to the recycling centre, or dump and try realy hard not to come back with  more that you took.
Cheated with this as Robin has taken the rubbish and filth to the dump for me, but garden looks better for that!
9. Read, for at least half an hour, or more.
10. Leave space for improvisation.

The hares illustrated in this post are all by Iris Milward of Poetry Tiles, based on the shapes from some of my drawings. Her work is beautiful and we are hoping to work more directly together at Art in Action in July.

nb. Things left off the list.
1. Do facebook invitation for Art in Action.
2. Talk to Marion about taking dogs to kennels for next week.
3. Update website with refreshed books page including a page dedicated to Robin Hobb books and front page and rework mbf page.
4. Realise that there are only 24 hours in the day and not all is possible but if you stop making lists and get on and draw you just might manage to cross off one more thing on the list before darkness falls and the stars paint patterns in the sky.


  1. Hi Jackie,
    I do love the poetry tiles, the hares translate beautifully!
    And that sea - looks like blue and green glass...
    Enjoy the spring sun :)

  2. I am curious about the tiles--you say they are done by Iris Milward, yet the tiles appear to have been signed by three diferent people. (The tiles are beautiful, by the way--and I love the little sayings on them.)

  3. Always very pleased to see more of these beauties. I like Iris' inspired hare tiles inspired by your magical/mythical hares.

  4. The tiles are by Iris, taken from images in some of my drawings. The quotes are from Louis Armstrong and others. I love what Iris does with colour and clay. Beautiful.