Monday, April 19, 2010

Early morning dew.

Cowslips and skylarks, sunshine and shadows, early morning dew and racing dogs.

Home now and hoping to settle to working and thinking, washing up, making lunch, supper, walking dogs again, in the twilight woods to the pebble beach this time, while the evening chorus of bird song sings the sun to sleep and the moon to rise.



  1. Thanks Jackie for your inspired blog. I check it almost daily and it helps me live more creatively and to stay in touch with all of you across the pond. Would love to visit Wales someday!

    Laura Whalen
    writer and editor in Albany, NY

    P.S. I give your books as presents to all the kids I know!

  2. Thanks for sharing the walk :0)

    Cowslips and a collie and is that gorse or broom or something else?

  3. Gorse, Val, and so full of flowers that it is scented like coconut. Beautiful.

  4. love the description of the scent I can imagine that scent now :0)