Thursday, April 8, 2010

Days off, birdsong and books.

This morning I woke early and listened as the birds sang the sun to rise and thought again about the symphony of birdsong that always, at some time in a day, is singing the sun to rise, somewhere in the world.
Yesterday Tom rowed out of Porthgain Harbour for an evening training session while Helen and I sat on the cliff top in the late evening sun and watched. The sky was patterned by cloud and swallows and swifts, air warm, a promise of summer. Soon he will be off to the Scilly Isles for the World Gig Racing Championships.

Today more sun and blue sky and a parcel waiting on the doorstep when we returned from dog walking and listening to a sky filled with larks. On the airfield the larks are battling for territory, their war songs so beautiful. 
The parcel was my latest instalment from Mr B's ( to find out more click on the link for Mr B's at the bottom of this post) Once again beautifully wrapped.

Inside this time, three books in one, Skippy Dies by Paul Murray, published by Hamish Hamilton. Beautifully designed. So looking forward to making the time to read them. 

The days are busy, a few days off work only marred by constant headache. Back to work next week and will try and make some order and begin to move through the nursery rhyme book.


  1. OOOhhhhh...I've been to Porthgain harbour, there were french trucks waiting for the catch to come in..crabs I think
    It was long ago but fondly remembered.
    Love the oars photo
    Sorry about the headache hope it goes away fast

  2. Ah, now we are rivals - our Helford River gigs against your Welsh ones! May the best rowers win.

    We can watch our team as they practice on the river below our house and it always amazes me that the sound of the coxswain can be heard here, even though they are so far out in the middle of the river. The sound carries across the fields and up the hill to us.

  3. Feel better Jackie. As usual your blog inspires me. Kate from nyc

  4. There is a pub in Porthgain that I try to visit when I am over - they do a beautiful dressed crab salad (can't get crabs dressed over here and we have to cook them ourselves most times)

    I do hope your head feels better soon.

  5. Don't you think its time too check out the head aches?Quite bothersome,,, maybe there's a simple solution.Could be stress or maybe your glasses need changing?I guess if its migraine there is no easy solution although they say chocolate, cheese and wine trigger migraine.Yikes the three best food groups,,,Love the photos ,, I can only imagine how it must feel watching your son practice rowing from your,,,,from Laurie

  6. The saddest part of having my hearing it seems to in all my family...was losing the sounds of the birds. I remember this happening to my father and his frustration. Now I use hearing aids...seldom around people...but always in the spring when the great chorus of birdsong arrives...also spring peepers.

    Perhaps the sounds of the birds will ease your headache?