Wednesday, June 2, 2010


All this bright and lovely day, painting chickens in my studio to the sound of blackbirds and magpies song, and sheep pulling at green grass. Outside years of neglect in the garden have made a carpet of honeysuckle across old shed rooves. In the evening the scent of the flowers thickens the air, especialy after sunshine.

Bored with colouring in chickens I wandered across the fields to Adam's studio, but there was no getting away from the birds.

A few days ago I rediscovered the work of Hannah Willow on facebook. I have beautiful earings of Hannah's that I bought at The Bluestone Gallery in Devizes.

While I was blogging a swallow the colour of the cushion the earings rest on flew in through my attic windows, around my studio, down the stairs and back again. I opened windows wide to let the beautiful jewel bird out and now it is no where to be seen, so I hope it is back in its home in the sky. Windows were only open downstairs for moments, but a cat crept in!



  1. Beautiful chickens...or 'chooks' as we call them (is that a peculiarly Aussie thing?)! Is that gorgeous little snuggle-n-read nook in your studio? Love those cushions, I want to do that up in my new bed loft!

  2. With incredible hares and Bears (I love that weathervane !!) the chickens hold their own looking regal and wonderful.

  3. I see a comfy cat in luxury, on his throne, in the middle of the day bed.

  4. I love how this all feeds into your creativity and thanks again for sharing your cats and house with us.

  5. After reading on your Facebook page about the painting of chickens, it is wonderful to finally see them and understand what you have been working on. They are gorgeous!

  6. Painting to the sound of bird song, wonderful. i love your painted chickens , mum just took charge of a perfect cluck of hens and i am so enjoying watching them each day!