Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tears, smiles, memories, housework and lists.

I need a list as my focus has meandered off on the pathways of grief.
1. Pick flowers to dress the house. When I look at the windowsills now I see flowers, though I know that some people will only see dirty windows. Soon the sash windows will be refurbished and then they will be clean again, for a while. For now I like my dirty windows. They remind me of this time last year. When I had no roof.
2. Make list.
3. Cross some things off list. ( This was a tip given to me by man in the art shop yesterday to try and give myself a sense of achievement!)
4. Robin Hobb/Lindolm cover roughs x3.
5. Continue with nursery rhymes.
6. Gild partridge and pear.
7. Paint a large owl painting to take to Art in Action to gild.
8. Sweep the studio floor, set the Chicken time Lord and tidy up the studio for 1 hour. 
9. Think about drawing for the rabbit lady.
10. Do powerpoint for school visit and also facebook invite to evening event at school in Hertfordshire.
11. Do artwork for Kids Need to Read Calendar. Rough first.

Outside in the garden ginger cats are curling in sheltered places. In the right hand top of the photo below, where the bench ends, you can just see the jasmine that marks the corner where Kiffer curls beneath. The foxgloves look so beautiful and soon a wave of roses will roof the space. Love-in-the-mist has escaped from the stones and seeded in the grass. He is close to the house.
Today I remembered the time when he climbed up the shelves to try and reach the venison that was defrosting and pulled down and smashed my favorite hand made mugs. I smiled.  The broken china all looked so beautiful smashed on the slate. At the time I was not pleased, but I would give all that and more to have him back here to smash it all again.


  1. Oh Jackie, don't. You've made me cry now. Only people who have had pets will understand the great gap they leave when they are no longer around.

  2. If it helps at all, I've been thinking about Kiffer and you and the cats very much as I tend my own brood. Thank you for the lovely photo with his jasmine.


  3. Grieving a pet/companion is never quickly over--and losing one makes me hover anxiously over the others of my pet household.
    The flowers in the windows are lovely--who cares about dirty windows!

  4. Its hard to type with tears in your eyes.
    Loosing a pet is so hard and at the moment it is raw.
    give the others an extra hug.

  5. That's a lovely resting place for your Kiffer. I recently buried my Small in one of her favourite sunny spots, under the passionfruit vines. I say hello most days when I wander past for some task or other. It's nice to know their bones are warm.

  6. There is never a time that the house feels more empty, as when one of our loved companions is no longer there. Even though there are other dear ones in the house, there is that dreadful emptiness, the acute loneliness for that one who is missing. After a while healing begins and life crowds in, but we are always after looking back and longing for one who is no longer with us. In time the sweet memories and happy times rise up more and offer their comfort, and I hope this is how things will go along for you.

    Your blog is one that I never fail to visit, and I am heartened that you, and the Ginger Cats also, are able to share your thoughts with us at this time..and always.

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have only recently found your site (I can't recall how I got here), but it has been a gift. Your writing and artwork are so beautiful. I lost a beloved pet the same day and can very much relate.

  8. Thank you to share the photos Jackie. As Arthur said, i have been thinking too, to sweet Kiffer and you and all the ginger family all the day, working on my torch.
    All my thoughts are for you.

  9. Oh, Jackie.It does hurt, doesn't it?

    It's good to see you are crossing things off the list. Perhaps I should try it!

  10. Dear Jackie,

    My heart goes out to you in your grief for wonderful Kiffer. He was and still is a greatly loved cat and the jasmine tree is a beautiful gift to him. Please be very kind and patient with yourself during this very sad time - and beyond. Sending you and all of your 2- and 4-leggeds lots of love.

  11. I still feel very sad today about Kiffer. I think Dancing Otter (above)says it all. Many ginger lovers are thinking about you all Jackie and sending love.

  12. I hate to-do lists, Jackie!

    The mugs look great! Did you paint each one by hand or simply do the design then have them transferred onto blank mugs?