Monday, June 14, 2010

Start the week

1. Make list.
2. Do three covers for Harper Collins.
3. Do powerpoint and facebook invite for school visit in two weeks in Hartfordshire.
4. Roughs for nursery rhymes.
5. Write up panda story.
6. Invoice people for work done.
7. Leave time for unexpected happenings. 

In between times I have to walk dogs and look after big kids and am off to hunt snails. I am learning the names of grasses and hoping to visit some bees.


  1. You're studio looks inviting in this shot- and very neat. I think I need some fresh flowers in mine!!! Good luck hunting snails......

  2. Your studio is lovely, it's rather like mine (sloping wood panelled ceiling) but you have those beautiful windows you can see out of...I've got a velux on the roof so I can see the sky and the passing planes and that's about all! So many gorgeous pieces 'in progress' too. And I love the old door and that little sculpture on the window sill. I like No. 7 best today, I've added 'watch out for Murphy' on lists in the past, referring to 'Murphy's Law'...but it was also the name of our lovely old blue heeler girl! I have to be careful about leaving lists around, my husband likes to surreptitiously add weird and peculiar items to them, I always have to read them twice before I realise I DIDN'T write it!