Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Got up. Painted. Went to bed.

Early morning walk on the airfield in sunshine. I saw
a blackbird with a worm
oxeye daisies, gorse
spiderwebs stretched over tall grass flowers
creeping buttercup
crane's bill
wild carrot, skylarks, clover, red and white
marsh orchids, yellow vetch, rattlegrass, knapweed
honeysuckle, purple vetch, cat's tail, speckled wood, plantain
stitchwort, white throats, tormentil and cinquefoil
horsetail, ragged robin, yellow iris, foxglove
and bramble bushes with a promise of berries.
Back home, I painted cats, shot arrows in the field while some paint dried, fell asleep in a pool of sunshine while glue dried a little and gilded. A parcel of books from Harper Collins contained Dragon Haven and paperbacks of Dragon Keeper as well as some treats for Tom and Hannah, both of whom are devouring books.


  1. wow...the cats are beautiful! :)
    And I have to say I'm so pleased you are doing the Megan Lindholm covers too...they will be amazing :)
    (I've only read one so far..perhaps I'll wait until I can buy them with Jackie Morris covers :) )

  2. Beautiful cats Jackie!

  3. Kiffer and Max? These both look fabulous, they almost have a Celtic art flavour too.

  4. Had to come by to check out the painting of cats. Please thank the Ginger cats for letting me know.

  5. Not really Kiffer, Griffin. The cat is based on a character in a Robin Hobb story and is more Maurice than any of the others though looks more Abysinian here than my Maurice. The book is a collection of short stories by Robin Hobb and Meg Lindholm ( who is the same person but writes quite differently under two names). It is called The Inheritance and has wonderful Rainwilds stories in and quite a few cats. She also has a couple of cats who keep her in check and I think that Pixie is planning to interview them quite soon.

  6. I love the markings and lovely painterly-ness of the cats and their poses, lovely!
    And the list of wild flowers sounds like poetry in its own right (or some herblore spell or invocation!)
    I didn't know you were an archer? I shoot Longbow (when I get time!)And Elora is becoming a great little archer herself spurred on by her current Robin Hood obcession!
    Keep well Jackie,
    Best wishes

  7. Love your cats.Cats are so wonderfully expressive creatures aren't they?

  8. I loove the cat's bone structure and the fur is magnificent. Not to mention the wonderful composition ... you make it look so simple and natural, your skill and visions are a pleasure to view :)

  9. Lovely cats!

    Suddenly I got an urge of having cats on the wall next to Heeby...

  10. Ah, well even so, they are very lovely sitting like that. I'll have to look for that book. I was wondering - given the number of times Elmo has been called, ahem, Naughty Elmo... how like a book it sounded. The Adventures of Naughty Elmo would be quite fun... especially illustrated by you. Tho' what Elmo would have to say about it is another matter!!

  11. What a lovely pair of cats.... I can see I have a bit of reading to do....

  12. Love to see all your cats. Beautiful painting. Do drop by. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5 Canada

  13. Hello,my mum an I follow your cat blog for long time and read all the funny thinks.
    We like you write over cats and the nature.
    And your pictures are so greate, we love there...

  14. A beautiful cat painting.

    There is such poetry in the names of all those flowers, grasses, butterflies and birds that you saw on your early morning walk.

  15. How did you create that background effect? I love it?! xxx

  16. It's gold leaf, oh curious cat, red gold I think. I use it quite often. Doesn't photograph well. Looks great in real life. If you have a browse around http://www.thehouseofgoldendreams.co.uk you will see more.