Monday, June 14, 2010

How I love my studio space.

A strange day of walking and distractions and writing and drawing. My studio space looks so lovely in photographs and having put a picture on facebook and made people envious I decided to take more pictures so that people can have a good look around. My cottage is small, and this time last year it had no roof. Now I have a studio, with two staircases leading to it, that runs the length of my house and has views out across to two islands and even I envy myself. If you look carefully you will see stuffed owls and Jeremy James hares.

I have a space to sit and think and write, where often all these activities turn to sleeping in sunshine. And the herbs hanging from the windows are lemon verbenna, drying after listening to Jekka MacVicar on Woman's Hour, radio 4, talking of tea and tisanes.

Eighteen years of neglect have led to a roof of honeysuckle over the ragged 'outbuildings'. In the evening they scent the garden and lanes around. In the morning they act as a sundial as I wake and know the time from how lit with early morning light they are. In the day they buzz with bees.
From my windows I can watch the flight of birds.


  1. Yes, I am very jealous of your studio and where you live in general. Thank you for inspiring me!

  2. I love your space ...your cottage ....your view. Thanks so much for showing me your world.

  3. I'm hoping that a basement room in this small house we have bought can be turned into a reading and quilting space for me. It depends whether funds and my husband's enthusiasm for renovating hold out.
    There is something so satifying about a space for all one's books and treasures, as well as space to clutter with work in progress.
    Birds, flowers and familiar landscapes are such a comfort.

  4. What a beautifully poetic space, I am surprised that a feline friend hasn't curled up in the bed of sunshine.

  5. All your patience and hard work have paid of 'hansomely'... Beautiful space of your own, Jackie! I'm afraid I'd spend far too much time looking out of your windows and dreaming - but that IS part of your job, too. I like the way you've made your space both light and intimately protective. Thanks for showing us.

  6. Ooh, I love Jeremy James' hares, lucky you! I wish he did cats too. This looks lovely as a place to work in.