Sunday, June 6, 2010


In between being asleep and being struck down again with pain in the teeth I did manage to push some coloured water around to try and pull heart faced hushwings out of paper. Meanwhile my boy Tom was winning the race at Solva with Porthgain Longboat crew. And those lovely ladies won too.
The owls are for Art in Action as I want something that I can work on easily at least on one day, so I will be gilding them there. Hoping to do some painting and also maybe a big drawing while I am there. Always difficult when used to solitude, to work in such a public way.
To see last year's Art in Action have a look here.


  1. Have a great day at Art in Action. I can't wait to see the owls after they are finished.

  2. Thanks for sharing your creative process and work space with us.

  3. Art in Action is 4 days, Cenya. I went for the first time last year and set up my studio table, stuffed owl and everything in a tent. Then I just started getting on with work. But because I have books and people want them signed they kept interupting me. It was a strange and exhausting 4 days, very frustrating as there were etchers there and I wanted to get out and learn, but wonderful. Will go back to this post and put a link to last years.

  4. Ows are looking amazing :) so clever x thanks for sharing

  5. You have a wonderful looking workspace, Jackie!

    That stuffed (?) bird looks super cool too!