Saturday, June 19, 2010

Silver and amber and strange pathways

Some months back I was asked if I would be happy to contribute images to the Earth Pathways Diary. I was very happy to be included, and when I received a copy of the diary found some wonderful work in the pages of the diary as well as times of moonrise and other things that are good to know. Among the other artists I found Hannah Willow. Some years ago I bought a beautiful pair of earings from The Bluestone Gallery in Devizes, with hares, made by Hannah. So I looked her up, found her on facebook and after a few emails we arranged a swap. I sent her the text for Icebear and she has made me something wonderful that is like a talismanic amulet.

Not only is this beautiful to look at it is also lovely and empowering to wear with silver animals and amber beards. And being a generous soul she also made me some beautiful cat earrings.

I will be wearin the necklace and arctic hare earrings at Art in Action in July, and before then at an evening event at Howe Dell School in Hatfield where I will be reading The Icebear for the first time, and also The Panda's Child.


  1. Beautiful necklace and earrings - you'll be the bell of the ball! And a lovely looking calendar as well. I do love a good art trade!!!!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful friendship. Lucky girls.

  3. I just returned from a foray at Hannah's website - I can see why you appreciate her work :)

  4. the book looks wonderful, how fine to be part of it. Also this jewelry, talisman indeed! Enjoy the gems as well as your evening!