Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hare and the moon.

A day of reading, walking, small painting, thinking. In the daytime sky a swelling moon. In the mind a dancing hare kicks at the drum of the full moon.

Loving the luxury of losing myself in a world of words. Our Tragic Universe by Scarlett Thomas could have been written for me and there is something very special about having an intimate conection with teh geographical landscape of the novel. It is set around Dartmouth and Torcross, a place where I thought I would live at one time in my life, and a place that I love. A couple of years ago I revisited old haunts and it was every bit as wonderful as I remembered.

The small painting of the hare is for sale, unframed via The House of Golden Dreams.


  1. Looked through your pictures of Torcross and LOVED it. Will definately visit there when I am back in England someday. Devon and Cornwall are a very enchanted place for me. I'd LOVe to live there if I could only talk my adult children into coming too.

  2. The pictures are stunning - an incredible landscape! (I loved the ones of the water and the duck :))