Thursday, June 24, 2010

Winter snow, summer sun and autumn.

Painting reindeer and wolves in the snow while the sun shines outside. 
Slugs have chomped their way along my salad leaf seedlings.

Walking this morning and already the hawthorn berries swell, two days after the middle of summer they carry a portent of autumn.


  1. I'm definately an Equinox child. I love spring and fall, but muster through summer and winter as best as I can.

  2. I like to work on winter projects in the summer, it cools me. I am only doing it for fun and am not on a deadline so I do see your point. If the inspiration isn't already there, it must be hard to find. Have you tried Christmas or winter music? Might I recommend Loreena McKennitt's "A Midwinter Night's Dream"? It is pure magic.
    Good luck,

  3. Love taking a peek into others spaces, thanks for sharing.

  4. oh those slugs, they can eat so so very much!
    wishing you a lovely time painting.

  5. Have you tried beer in a small cup in your garden? Like us all, the slugs can't resist and die a merry drowning.
    I know...a terrible waste, but it does work.