Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fast cats and flowers

Working on the first spread for the cat book and thinking about leaving home . 
Yesterday I watched a skein of jackdaws chase a merlin along the hedgerows, a peasant mob after a small falcon.
There is too much to do, as usual and I am trying to do it all at the same time and as a result getting nothing much done.
So far my list of things that need doing is morphing into having sub-lists. Not a good state to be in.
1. Finish cheetahs. I want to do this before I go away, for peace of mind. 
2. Stretch paper. I want to do this before I go away so that I have blank paper ready to begin when I get home.
3. Make list of things to take away. I want to do this before I go as there won't be much point when I get back, and I have to take dragons and bears and maybe my bowl, and amber and silver and paints and brushes.
4. Tidy studio. I want to do this before I leave home so that when I come back I can sit down and work. I have a lot to do.
5. Tidy bedroom. Hmmm...... trolls live here.

It is raining now, and the sunshine and rain and lack of frost makes the vegetables grow. I still marvel at the bright flowers on the courgette plants, like jester's hats and so golden saffron coloured.



  1. Have you had fried courgette flowers yet? They are delicious. When I lived in Greece, we ate them all the time. Pick them early in the morning when they are open, stuff with cheese, or just fry 'em plain. Can't remember if we dipped them in egg and flour... something, I think.

    Good luck with your lists, mine are overwhelming me, too at present!

  2. Same here. Only one item on my list, though: Get Busy Working! It's the last day of the pay period, and I'm paid based on production. I'd rather be blogging and blog reading, though. Tomorrow. . . . Hope you get everything done you need to get done so you can go away without "things undone" hovering over you.

  3. Oh, thanks for that - a skein of jackdaws... that is straight out of a folktale too. Good luck with the trolls!