Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday, September.

Walking today without camera. Sometimes I feel that I only see the world through a lens, so I left it behind.
There were seal pups tucked up tight against the steep cliff face. Huge tides, so when the tide is high there is little left for them to rest on. So far, fortunatey, these tides have coincided with calm weather.
The heather is tired and falling towards autumn. Ravens gather and a few late swallows still fly.
From my feet the land stretches out, reaching down to the sea, and away. Living here is like living on the edge of a map. It is warm. There are dragonflies still in the air.
Later at the beach with the water pulled so far back it seems that the world is all light, bright, softened by salt. If you were quick you could walk to Pen Carnan.
There has been a stillnes about the day. A waiting.


  1. Your comment about living on the edge of the map and the dragonflies in the air reminded me of the phrase on the edges of ancient maps - "Here there be Dragons".

  2. You didn't need your camera as you painted your walk with words. So enchanting :D

  3. Hi Jackie,
    My girls like to watch countryfile before bedtime on a sunday, and today it was filmed in St.Davids... There was a section about the seals where they were looking down at the pups in the cove from the clifftops and it made me wonder if this was the same cove that you watch your sealfolk from - it looked very familiar!
    So,reminded of you and your seals tonight, its funny you have watched today and written of them...
    Carrie... :)

  4. Your gifts with camera, paint, words, are a delight.
    I've just sent two of your e-cards to dear friends--thank you for making them available.

  5. I sometimes feel that way, like I'm living life through the camera lens. It feels liberating to leave it behind every once in a while and just experience all that is around you.